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Game Knight - Columbia

119 Nashville Hwy, #117
Columbia, TN 38401

Sunday2 - 8PM
Monday - Thursday1 - 9PM
Friday & Saturday1 - 10PM

Warhammer 40K Escalation League

Starts on 4/9/24

Entry: $40.The escalation league will start at 750pts and go up 250pts each month.It will run for 4 months.We will be using a points system for participating in games and building/painting models.You will be able to get up to 55 points a month.30 points for games, 5 per month, 25 for building and painting models bought in store during the league.Building and painting points are on the table below.Painting standard will be battle ready for points to be earned.The last month will be able to be played at 2k if you and your opponent agree on it.You can only score 5 games a month.6 points for a win and 2 for a loss.You can also play with someone even if you've got all your points.Lists will not be required, the only thing that is locked in is which Faction you pick.Prizes will be based on attendance.When buying into the league you'll receive 10% off all warhammer for the duration of it.There will be monthly drawings of door prizes during the league.Matches will use the GW tournament document.

Building / Painting Score Sheet

Character (Larger than 40mm)3PTS
Character (Larger than 110mm)5PTS
Squad of 5 or less models3PTS
Squad of 6+ models5PTS
Squad of mounted models4PTS
Vehicle or vehicle squad models5PTS
“Titanic” keyword models10PTS